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Tallulah "Tully" Hart is a primary protagonist in Netflix's Firefly Lane. She is portrayed by Katherine Heigl, while her younger counterparts are portrayed by Ali Skovbye (teen) and London Robertson (child) respectively.

She is a force of nature: magnetic, ambitious, reckless, and fiercely loyal. Still bearing the scars of a traumatic childhood, she is dogged by inner loneliness, even as she goes on to fabulous fame and fortune as a journalist and talk show host. Her saving grace is her best friend and soulmate, Kate, with whom she shares an unshakable bond.

Throughout the Series[]

Early Life[]


Tully Hart's adolescence is a though one to say the least. She was raised by her grandmother for six years before she was taken, not so civilly, by her mother to live with her. Her Grandmother would read her mothers favourite poem to her.

Teenagerhood (1970s)[]

Tully's mother, Dorothy Hart, is mentioned as Cloud throughout the series is portrayed as an addict and alcoholic. Her addictions play a huge role in Tully's teenage years as the teenager's efforts to impress her mom, get a positive reaction from her, or even look for support from Cloud fall flat due to her addiction and on-and-off boyfriend. Tully settles in Firefly Lane, living in a house across from Kate Mularkey at the age of fourteen. She gathers the attention of the boys in town easily with her looks and confidence.

She grabs the attention of a senior, Pat Richmond, who invites her to a party in the woods. Tully, appearing not so comfortable or experienced with drinks accepts a few cups of beer trying to fit in with the crowd and not appear naïve in front of Pat. Tully gets drunk easily, makes out with Pat. These events lead to Pat taking Tully further away from the crowd, in to woods for some quiet. When the two lay on the dirt, it is apparent that Pat's intentions were not as honourable. He forces himself on her while using the long lasted (false and degrading) rhetoric's of "you like it that way", "you lead me on". Tully says no and tries to fight the assaulter but Pat pins her hands to the ground. When Pat is done with her, he leaves as Tully lies on the ground.


Season 1[]